Ironicamente uma de suas motivaes nesta eleio tambm foi no

Ironicamente uma de suas motivaes nesta eleio tambm foi no

You aren wrong, but that matchup is actually terrible in toplane which is why I never really understand why C9 thought it was a counter.Ekko is good if you get ahead or even grab the Vik flash early and can dive/push freely, but past level 7/8ish when Vik has his upgrade its as terrible as any other melee vs Vik matchup, if not worse because of Ekko lack of tankiness. Furthermore, unless Ekko absolutely stomps Viktor earlygame, he never matchup correctly in the splitpush.Bwipo is obviously a lot better than Lic, but I honestly hate Viktor. It true that everybody Cheap jordans hyped Licorice like “wow this rookie is giving the best toplaners in the world a run for their money” and then he played a champ which is supposed to be a counter, then proceeds to play this champ super super bad (for example I don remember him having one good parallel convergence).I personally don like that, but that just my opinion as someone who never really liked players who “mock” their opponents, that just how Bwipo is and how he talks, it often seen as trashtalk and disrespect but it not.

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