Cordero submitted a letter of resignation

Cordero submitted a letter of resignation

On Thursday, Mr. Cordero submitted a letter of resignation. Immediate steps are being taken so that the important work being pursued by the Deputy Superintendent’s office and Dallas ISD continues uninterrupted. Sympathy for the devil: a parasitic cancerThere are lots of parasites in this world, but I know of only two cases in which the parasite actually evolved from its host. Both of these are cancers. One is the canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT), and the other a transmissible cancer affecting the Tasmanian devil.

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The amazing flies of the genus Richardia: sexual selection taken to extremesAs usual, we have three cat related items today. The first, from the reliable site LoveMeow, shows Scrappy, an 18 year old cat who from vitiligo, a condition in which patches of skin (and in this case, fur) lose their pigmentation. Scrappy was born black, and started getting patches of white in the last few years.

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