And even as he sprinted through the forest

And even as he sprinted through the forest

The Nature of the Beast

Arm up against the wiry branches whipping his face. He didn’t see the root. He fell, hands splayed into the moss and mud. His assault rifle dropped and bounced and rolled from sight. Eyes wide, frantic now, Laurent Lepage scanned the forest floor and swept his hands through the dead and decaying leaves.

He could hear the footsteps behind him. Boots on the ground. Pounding. He could almost feel the earth heaving as they got closer, closer, while he, on all fours, plowed the leaves aside.

“Come on, come on,” he pleaded.

And then his bloodied and filthy hands clasped the barrel of the assault rifle and he was up and running. Bent over. Gasping for breath.

canada goose womens outlet It felt uk canada goose outlet as though he’d been on the run for weeks, months. A Canada Goose sale lifetime. And even as he sprinted through the forest, dodging the tree trunks, he knew the running would end soon. canada goose womens outlet

But for now he ran, so great was his will to survive. So great was his need to hide buy canada goose jacket what he’d found. If he couldn’t get it back to safety, at least, maybe, he could make sure those in pursuit wouldn’t find it.

canada goose parka outlet He could hide it. Here, in this forest. And then the lion would sleep tonight. Finally. canada goose parka outlet

Bang. Bangbangbang. The trees around him exploded, ripped apart by bullets.

canada goose outlet paypal He dove Canada Goose Outlet and rolled and came up behind a stump, his shoulder to the rotting wood. No protection at all. canada goose outlet paypal

canada goose outlet winnipeg His thoughts in these final moments did not go to his parents at home in the little Qu village. They didn’t go to his puppy, no longer a puppy but a grown dog. He didn’t think of his friends, or canada goose uk shop the games on canada goose factory sale the canada goose clearance sale village green in summer, or tobogganing, giddy, down the hill while the mad old poet shook her fist at them in winter. He didn’t think of the hot chocolate at the end of the day in front of the fire in the bistro. canada goose outlet winnipeg

canada goose parka outlet uk He thought only of killing those in his sights. And buying time. So that maybe, maybe, he could hide the cassette. canada goose parka outlet uk

canada goose outlet website legit And then Canada Goose Online maybe, maybe those in the village would be safe. buy canada goose jacket cheap And those in other villages would be safe. There was some comfort in knowing there would be purpose to this. His canada goose sacrifice would be for the greater good and for those he loved and the place he loved. canada goose outlet website legit

He raised canada goose store his weapon, took aim, and squeezed the trigger.

“Bang,” he said, canada goose coats feeling the assault rifle thrust into his shoulder. “Bangbangbangbangbang.”

The front line of his pursuers fell.

canada goose outlet parka He leapt and rolled behind a sturdy tree, pressing so hard against it that canada goose black friday sale the rough bark made a bruise on his back and he wondered if the tree might topple over. He hugged his rifle to his chest. His pulse pounding. He could feel his own heart in his ears. It threatened to drown out all other sounds. canada goose outlet parka

Like swiftly approaching feet.

Laurent tried Canada Goose Jackets to steady himself. His breathing. His trembling.

He’d been through this before, he reminded himself. And he’d always escaped. Always. He’d escape today. He’d get back home. And there he’d have a hot drink and a pastry. And a bath.

And he’d soak away all the terrible things he’d done, and was about to do.

canada goose outlet online store review His hand dropped to the pocket of his torn and muddy jacket. His fingers, knuckles scraped to the bone canada goose outlet and bleeding, felt inside. And there it was. The cassette. Safe. canada goose outlet online store review

canada goose outlet boston Or, Canada Goose Parka at least, as safe as he was. canada goose outlet boston

canada goose stockists uk His senses, honed and heightened, instinctively took in canada goose clearance the musky scent of the forest floor, took in the shafts of sunlight. He took in the frantic scramble of chipmunks in the branches above him canada goose stockists uk.

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