Trainer Chris Waller (third right) with The Autumn Sun and

Trainer Chris Waller (third right) with The Autumn Sun and

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moncler sale Said on Sunday though that a final decision would be made Monday morning.He said there would be a meeting with Waller and the connections.Trainer Chris Waller (third right) with The Autumn Sun and connections after Saturday’s Caulfield Guineas victory. Picture: Getty ImagesSource:Getty ImagesKoolman said throughout Winx career, Waller had moncler coats sale always done Cheap Moncler Jackets the right thing by her and he expected that would happen with The Autumn Sun.she won the Queen Elizabeth last year, she came back to our property to spell and Chris could have run her in the Doncaster but he elected to look after her. moncler coats cheap Believes if you look after your moncler jacket online horse you get a lot more from them during their career. moncler sale

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