He added: “The building will be three storeys high

He added: “The building will be three storeys high

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replica yves saint laurent clutch It states: “Discussion have taken place with a couple of operators. The Milton Brewery have commented on the layout of the ground floor.”Councillor Kevin Price, a city councillor for King’s Hedges, said: “I am very pleased to see that the plans for this site include a pub but I would be happier if there were also a clear agreement in place with a brewery to take it on.”It is a very good location in the heart of the ward and in the right hands could be a very successful local pub.”(Image: David Johnson)Cllr Price said he shared the concerns of some local residents that the residential component of the proposals represented an over development of the site. He intends to bring this point to the attention of the planning committee when it scrutinises the plans.He added: “The building will be three storeys high, the nine mainly studio apartments are all very small, directly over the pub itself and with very limited private outdoor space ysl polo replica for what could be anything from 10 20 people.”Locally there are also serious concerns about the limited parking for both future occupants and also pub goers which I don’t think the developers have taken replica ysl sac de jour on board.”I’d like to see further changes to the plans so that we can get it right for what is a real opportunity site in King’s Hedges.”. replica yves saint laurent clutch

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