Tips Choose the lowest resolution for PDF and video files to

Tips Choose the lowest resolution for PDF and video files to

Cooder added: times call for a very different kind of protest song. Have All the Flowers Gone? We way down the road from that. If protest is what you want, Cooder has delivered it magnificently.. Tips Choose the lowest resolution for PDF and video files to enable the PowerPoint presentations to load more quickly on cellphone connections. Upload the video to a video sharing website, such as YouTube, that can be accessed from cellphones. Upload the PowerPoint to an online office tool like Microsoft Life or Google Docs so your recipients can access the PowerPoint from either a cellphone or a computer.

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He was a 62 year old man with a past history of hypertension, who was referred to the Emergency Department (ER) due to moderate frontal headache followed by left hemisensory numbness with Jacksonian march lasting a few minutes. He was asymptomatic on arrival at the ER and his neurological examination was normal. He performed a cranial CT scan that revealed a right subcortical temporoparietal hypodensity which led to the request of a brain MRI that showed a right pseudotumoral temporoparietal white matter lesion, hyperintense on T2 weighted sequences without gadolinium enhancement, and multiple corticosubcortical microbleeds in T2 co localized with the T2 lesion.

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