The character made his first public outing in 1902

The character made his first public outing in 1902

replica bags wholesale india “People were screaming, people were crying, people were bumping into each other, falling and stumbling.”The last witness of the day was Morgan Fleming, who was working at the Bramble that night and was at the front bar when she heard the shots.”I saw somebody come in and stumble and hit the floor,” Fleming said.Fleming was able to grab a phone and dive behind the bar, where she called 911. A recording of the call was played in court, in which Fleming can be heard saying, “We just heard gun shots and someone fell through our door.”Gun evidenceBoulder police criminalist supervisor Keith Johnson took the stand first on Thursday morning, testifying about a diagram he made of the scene using a laser scanner and pieces of evidence police found on scene.Johnson said police, using shell casings and bullets, determined Sebastian fired six shots outside and one shot inside the restaurant.Johnson also said an examination of one of King’s gunshot wounds indicates his back was against the floor during the last shot fired inside the restaurant.When asked by defense attorneys why he did not include a nearby tree guard in the diagram, Johnson said no blood was discovered on the tree guard and that it did not appear to have any evidentiary value.”You can fill up the diagram with arbitrary items, but the idea is to show what is important,” Johnson said.Sebastian’s attorneys have claimed King rammed Sebastian’s head into a tree guard, which prompted the shooting in self defense.Boulder police Detective Heather Frey showed the jury King’s shirt and pants and said King suffered two penetrating front to back wounds in his torso, a back to front wound on his shoulder and butt, and a sideways grazing wound across his hip.Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Dale Higashi then took the stand to testify about the evidence he was sent to test. Higashi said all three bullets and seven casings found at the scene were fired from Sebastian’s handgun, as were the bullet fragments he was able to test.Police also sent King’s shirt for testing, which Higashi said did not have any presence of gunpowder residue. replica bags wholesale india

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