Harvey, 16, is blind, suffers from Prader Willi syndrome and

Harvey, 16, is blind, suffers from Prader Willi syndrome and

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cheap moncler The sweet snaps come just hours after Katie, 40, appeared to pose up for moncler coats cheap snappers on a Thai beach wearing a tiny pair of bikini bottoms.Mum of five Katie was wearing a face full of make up as she posed and https://www.beautylyrics.com paraded on the beach with toyboy lover Kris, 29.(Image: The Mega Agency)Katie, whose reality Discount Moncler Coats show My Crazy Life returns to Quest moncler jackets canada Red on Monday, appeared to be going for an all over tan as she enjoyed the sunny weather.Katie began dating Kris following her dramatic split from 31 year old hubby Kieran, after learning that he had allegedly cheated moncler outlet location on her again.Putting the negativity behind her, this week Katie heaped praise on her new man, revealing that he had already moncler chicago established a solid bond with her eldest son Harvey.Harvey, 16, is blind, suffers from Prader Willi syndrome and moncler coats is also on the autistic spectrum.”I got in touch with Kris because he’s a weight loss specialist,” Katie said, according to The Sun.”Obviously someone who gives my son attention like that and helps him, of course it’s attractive. moncler outlet He doesn’t drink, he’s been good for me.””He’s very level headed so he’s definitely come into my life at the right time.”She continued: “He’s got the banter. Kieran was a personal trainer before and not once did he try and train Harvey.Katie and Peter have a fractured relationship, they only communicate if Emily is in a group text and he reportedly banned Junior and Princess from attending her 40th birthday.Speaking to OK!, she said: “Apparently he won’t text me without Emily being cheap moncler jackets wholesale on it. cheap moncler

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