Empirical testing using experimental methodsElizabeth’s

Empirical testing using experimental methodsElizabeth’s

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cheap moncler sale Potential PhD students should have some knowledge of and interest in Psychology, and a willingness to engage in quantitative data analyses.Empirical testing using experimental methodsElizabeth’s research focuses on understanding how consumers remember previous consumption experiences and how deceptive experiences are stored in memory.Research streams she has pursued have examined: Conditions under which a person’s memory of a previous experience is distorted, How consumers remember the lies they have told, How rumination affects future consumption experiences, How the attitudes of others affect consumers thoughts and behaviours.Potential students should have a strong background in cognitive and social psychology, knowledge of experimental design, and excellent quantitative data analysis skills. Social network theories and methodologies as well as simulation methods play an important role in this. Computational Business moncler jackets toronto Life cheap moncler sale.


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