The only possible reason for debating the problem of evil is

The only possible reason for debating the problem of evil is

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canadian goose jacket We talking about the problem of evil. The only possible reason for debating the problem of evil is if you accept the initial premises; namely that an omnipotent God exists and He is good.If atheists are prepared to do that in order to have a fun debate then why not debate some other, equally ridiculous, issues like those involving Santa Claus and tooth canada goose parka outlet uk fairies?We all know the answer. It because belief in the Christian God merits some sort of special accommodation even if you don believe canada goose victoria parka outlet in such a god.Why? Why do atheist philosophers spend any time at all on arguments with premises they reject?Why indeed? What the point? It like evolutionists telling the creationists where they might search in South America and Africa for all those still existing dinosaurs.It one thing to show believers that their arguments for god are ludicrous canadian goose jacket.


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