Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle remains one win shy of tying Roger

Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle remains one win shy of tying Roger

So there is someone who is in love with me but he wants to impersonate Hrithik. But I in return want to stalk Hrithik, Hrithik in return wants an apology [laughs]. He is basically not after the person who is impersonating him, he is after me. NOTES: NBA great Shaquille O ignited the crowd inside T Mobile Arena when he manned the hand crank siren before puck drop. Marchessault, who had a career high 75 points last season, continued his strong play into the regular season, as he posted a team high 10 points (five goals, five assists). Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle remains one win shy of tying Roger Neilson (460) for 30th among NHL coaches all time.

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