Alongside Prof Hawking’s family and friends there will be 1

Alongside Prof Hawking’s family and friends there will be 1

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moncler jacket online This is what happened when Stephen Hawking was laid to rest at Westminster AbbeyProfessor Hawking will be remembered at an event at Westminster Abbey todayThousands are flocking to Westminster Abbey to pay their respects at a memorial service for Professor Stephen Hawking.Today’s (June 15) moncler jackets outlet service at Westminster Abbey will see the world renowned Cambridge physicist laid to rest among other great scientists including Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Charles Darwin.Alongside Prof Hawking’s family and friends there will be 1,000 people who were gifted tickets in a public ballot.The memorial service will begin at noon cheap moncler jackets and there will be readings from Benedict Cumberbatch and Jane Hawking.A piece of music created by the composer behind the iconic scores of Chariots of Fire and Bladerunner Vangelis will also be beamed into space in memory of Prof Hawking’s work.The same piece of music will be played as the ashes are interred.We’ll be bringing you the latest in the build moncler jacket sale up to the service and reaction as Prof Hawking’s final resting place is unveiled.Key EventsMore pictures from inside moncler sale outlet the service14:53Pictures show the moment Hawking was laid to rest14:16Westminster Abbey remembers Stephen Hawking13:44Jeremy Corbyn and government ministers also in attendance11:59Ben Glazier, who designed a memorial coin for Prof Hawking, explains its significanceThe view from insideCambridge News journalist Julie Palmer was among the lucky few to get a ticket for the service in the public ballot, and watched the ceremony from inside Westminster Abbey.Here, in her own words, is what it meant:five thousand people applied for the 1,000 tickets so generously donated by the Hawking family. And I was lucky to receive one. If only my luck was that good when it comes to winning the lottery.this was like winning a different kind of lottery. moncler jacket online

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